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Regulatory and Complaints Information

Regulatory Information

Barristers’ Register
Members of chambers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. 

You can search the Barristers’ Register on the Bar Standards Board’s website:’-register/

This shows (1) whether a barrister has a current practising certificate, and (2) whether a barrister has any disciplinary findings, which are published on the Bar Standard Board’s website in accordance with their policy. 


Professional liability insurance
All of our members of chambers have professional liability insurance provided by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund. The minimum cover which barristers must have is £500,000 although many members of chambers have cover in excess of this figure.


Complaints Information

If you have any complaints about the services provided by a barrister at Apex Chambers, then please read our complaints policy below.

This provides information about: our complaints procedure; any right you might have to complain to the Legal Ombudsman (‘LeO’) – the independent body which can help you if you have complained to your lawyer and are not happy with their response; how to complain to LeO; and any time limits for making a complaint:

You can also search the decision data on LeO’s website at:

This shows which providers of legal services received an ombudsman’s decision in the previous 12 months, and whether LeO required the provider to give the consumer a remedy.

Complaints Procedure
This procedure covers complaints from members of the public and professional clients concerning chambers employees.

Where a complaint is received regarding the professional conduct of a barrister, this will be dealt with in accordance with the Bar Standards Board complaints procedure.


Statement of Policy
Apex Chambers is committed to openess in the receipt and investigation of complaints. It has a clear process for handling such complaints including an investigation into the cause and ensuring that appropriate action is taken, where necessary. It aims to communicate with the complainant in a clear and timely manner.

Confidentiality will be maintained as far as possible and appropriate to the circumstances.


Formal Complaints - Timescales
Complaints will be dealt with promptly and in accordance with this procedure. A formal complaint must be made as soon as reasonably possible and should be in writing. Other complaints will also be accepted verbally, if identified as a complaint at the time. All complaints will be acknowledged within seven days of receipt. Any investigation will be completed within 28 days of receipt, unless there are good reasons for the delay. Investigations will be conducted in accordance with standards of natural justice. Where possible, two members of chambers not directly involved in the complaint will undertakle the investigation. All parties to the complaint should be permitted to be accompanied by a colleague or friend at any hearing.

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